Strange Trails

11351698_1600982646820361_82473494_nLord Huron recently released their latest album, Strange Trails, this past February.  Fans have long awaited the release of this groups catchy new vibes.  They surely won’t be disappointed.  With hits like Ends of the Earth, listeners have awaited a new upbeat song to bop around to, and Lord Huron has brought the heat with their new hit Fool For Love.

What to expect from this new album?

  • Dizzy Spells

The lords have successfully created what I like to call dizzy spell music. We hear this through the increased use of synths and old-timey vinyl feel combined with the poppy use of guitar and array of instruments.

  • Clever Lyrics: With lyrics that grapple with love and loss, the lords reveal the risks that come with love.  We can nevertheless hear the upbeat tunes, conveying both their lack of hindrance and the inability to be unchanged.
  • Who they remind us of: Fans of Matt Pond PA, David Bowie, and Mumford & Sons will find themselves gravitating towards this 11199518_1590103337925237_3790952_nalbum.  The indie feel and cool mix of vibes creates an outlandish ambiance, not unlike Emma Watson’s legendary Tunnel Scene in The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Check em out!

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