We are weeks away from my debut fiction YA novel launch date!  Somewhere In Between will officially be release November 22nd!  To pre-order your copy click the link below!  This is my first piece of published fiction.  It has been a HUGE piece of my life this past year and I am very excited to share … More NEW BOOK!!

Chasing Sunsets

I was driving today and heard a song from the Mumford and Sons Wilder Mind album and was instantly transported back in time to when this album was released the spring of 2015. I’ve always been amazed at how music and albums can catalog events in our life. Wilder Mind came out the year I graduated … More Chasing Sunsets

The Narrow Path

Maththew 7:13 says “Enter through the narrow gate.  For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it”. Reality checks come in all shapes and sizes.  Maybe it’s all the bible studies or the countless times my mom pumped bible verses in my head, but every … More The Narrow Path

Hello Again

Adele’s new hit sensation, “Hello”, smashed the previous record, held by Taylor Swift, for most internet views for a new music video.  We haven’t heard from Adele in nearly four years, but her latest come back reveals a new and improved version of herself leaving us all gripping the edge of our seats asking for more.  Seriously, I’m obsessed with her latest … More Hello Again