Gentlemen of the Road

11324467_868023146579740_703538361_n(1)The Gentlemen of the Road have shocked the pants off of everyone and decided to go for a different sound on their latest album, no banjo–sorry folks.

The english boys who are known for their rich use of banjo and subtle hints of bluegrass have opted for a synth feel, similar to many indie bands today.  Their album Wilder Mind demonstrates their creative versatility to make music in ways that no one expected of Mumford.

Wild things about Wilder Mind

  1. No Banjo: This is the most shocking, and probably most distinguishable part of this new album.  Mumford fans are in for less of a bluegrass feel and more of a western approach.  Mumford is sucking up the fame with the synth.
  2. Broad Lyrical Approach: Heartache, usually the root of Mumford and Son’s albums, seems to be one of two lyrical themes we see in this album.  Love and loss, certainly, but also the youth and love.  11008217_121551691528123_340837278_nThe cryptic and mysterious lyrics we’ve come to associate with Mumford are yet again back and in full force.
  3. New Feel: Mumford usually goes for the bluegrass feel; banjo kicking and fedora wearing festival style.  Wilder Mind navigates towards a new feel. While Babel and Sigh No More were distinct autumn feeling albums,  this new album will feel more like a damp summer night with the car windows rolled down.

The boys are back in town, and this time with a new feel and a new vibe.  Check out their new album!

Listen Here!

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