Music Runs In Our Veins

A friend recently mentioned to me, “I just love being around and a part of music”, to which I laughed and said, “who doesn’t?” Lets stop for a second and think about this.  Why is everyone so quick to stuff their earbuds in, turn the dial up on the radio, or dance in the streets to the fiddle playing on the corner?  The answer is simple; music speaks to our souls.classical-music-245590_1280

Somehow music has managed to weave it’s way into every corner of my life.  I was born to two parents with complete different mainstream musical taste from one another, and not classically trained one bit.  Off to college I go, majoring in English and minoring in music.  And what field do I go into after graduation, media in the music industry…it’s cliche, but I just can’t stay away.

There’s nothing more soothing than stumbling across a new band that seems to mirror the emotions that are locked up inside each of us, validating that we are not alone in our thoughts.  But, music and writing are not all too different.  Music, is spoken lyrical poetry accompanied by musical instruments that mirror our hearts desires.  I truly do believe that music has healing powers.

But the beauty, the truth, the passion that lays behind music is in the unspoken words; the facial expressions that emulate the emotions that desperately escape from guitar strings, the fluidity of a pianist as the notes escape their fingers, the energy that evaporates off of a singers outstretched palms.  Music runs through our veins.

It’s only natural for us to outpour what runs within us.  Music, passion, emotion; they all speak of our inner vulnerability and desires.  There’s something so pure about watching someone express themself through music, but there’s something even more special when that musician can somehow make a connection with just one person, that’s the true beauty; the real magic behind music.acoustic-guitar-336479_1920

So, as fall begins to roll in, embrace the beauty and the music that surrounds you; the simple crinkling of leaves as they crunch beneath your feet, or even the whirl of wind against the damp and dewey tall grass.  Live by the words from August’s Rush, “music is all around us, all you have to do is listen”.  Let the music speak to your soul, as it awakens you this fall.

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