Resolutions and the Fear of Disappointment

New Years always start the same, a count down, a couple cozy in the corner, falling confetti that sticks to the tips of your hair, and a glass of champagne to toast new beginnings.  Most people look forward to the hopes of a new year and the opportunities that it will bring.  I always have … More Resolutions and the Fear of Disappointment

That Four Letter Word

It’s a four letter word that is the theme of every song, ballad, and movie; Love.  But what does love actually look like?  The dictionary alone has about 20 different definitions ranging from warm fuzzy feelings for someone to intimacy. The bible defines love in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not … More That Four Letter Word

New Year…New You

One of the most interesting aspects of beginning a new year, for me, are New Year’s resolutions.  When I was a youngin I used to make resolutions all the time.  They consisted of stop eating cheetos…no matter how cheesy they are, write something intellectually clever in my diary every day (embarrassing), or ,as I matured, make an … More New Year…New You

Who’s Your King?

This is the Windsor family crest on the gate to Buckingham Palace.  Don’t be fooled, that is pure Gold! It’s fun when you’re a kid to dream of being a Prince or Princess someday,but why is that?  I, personally, think when we’re kids we watch princess movies and see the pretty girls and naturally want their dazzling lives, … More Who’s Your King?

Falling for Fall

I love fall. I love watching the leaves cascade down from the trees; how they create a tornado of color and brightness.  I love even the distinct smell that comes with fall, as if there is an ongoing campfire; the warmth that surrounds you from all angles. Fall is by far my favorite season.  It’s … More Falling for Fall


This is arguably the prettiest cup of coffee I have ever seen. The taste, however, took me by surprise.  My expectations for this chai tea fell desperately short.  I expected, since the coffee looks so delicate and fancy, it would be accompanied by a stellar flavor.  Instead I was engulfed with a bitter aftertaste, leaving me disappointed. While … More Bitterness

Happily Ever After?

I have a somewhat embarrassing confession to make.  I am a lover of all things Disney.  This ranges from Finding Nemo all the way to Frozen.  Most girls out there have to be willing to admit that from a young age they were captivated by disney princesses, and if they aren’t willing to admit that, then … More Happily Ever After?