Roll The Bones

Born in Austin,Texas, but slowly sweeping across the country with his infusion of blues and rock is Shakey Graves, also known as Alejandro Rose-Garcia.  Shakey Graves’ first album, released in 2011, Roll The Bones seduced festival groupies with the smokey vocals and pumped up guitar riffs.  Here are some reasons why Shakey Graves will have you running the … More Roll The Bones

Which Direction?

Let’s have the discussion about this “hiatus”.  The boys who rocked the world and stole the hearts of countless girls have announced that they will be taking a “break”.  Avid fans are plagued with the gut wrenching reality that the ultimate love serenaders may be setting down the roses and hanging up their guitars.  Why … More Which Direction?

How Would You Live?

I did a little two year throwback this past week.  With the recent casting of Tom as The Amazing Spider-Man’s  Peter Parker, I decided to do some research on his previous movies. Naturally, I stumbled across How I Live Now.  It wasn’t just Tom Holland and Saoirse Ronan I was impressed by, but the entire question that the … More How Would You Live?

Strange Trails

Lord Huron recently released their latest album, Strange Trails, this past February.  Fans have long awaited the release of this groups catchy new vibes.  They surely won’t be disappointed.  With hits like Ends of the Earth, listeners have awaited a new upbeat song to bop around to, and Lord Huron has brought the heat with their … More Strange Trails

Spiritual Compass

Technically compasses have eight directions, north, northeast, southeast, south, southwest, west, and northwest.  But are directions really that simple? As Christians we are given the bible and some basic directions, the ten commandments.  But other than this, we are left to be guided by the holy spirit, Jesus’ teachings, and other Christians around us.  This … More Spiritual Compass

New Year…New You

One of the most interesting aspects of beginning a new year, for me, are New Year’s resolutions.  When I was a youngin I used to make resolutions all the time.  They consisted of stop eating cheetos…no matter how cheesy they are, write something intellectually clever in my diary every day (embarrassing), or ,as I matured, make an … More New Year…New You

Who’s Your King?

This is the Windsor family crest on the gate to Buckingham Palace.  Don’t be fooled, that is pure Gold! It’s fun when you’re a kid to dream of being a Prince or Princess someday,but why is that?  I, personally, think when we’re kids we watch princess movies and see the pretty girls and naturally want their dazzling lives, … More Who’s Your King?

Falling for Fall

I love fall. I love watching the leaves cascade down from the trees; how they create a tornado of color and brightness.  I love even the distinct smell that comes with fall, as if there is an ongoing campfire; the warmth that surrounds you from all angles. Fall is by far my favorite season.  It’s … More Falling for Fall