I love love love Halloween!  I love the smug welcome of a somewhat scary pumpkin seated on your front stoop, the never-ending burning of candles, the constant fear that lurks from all the spooky characters that hide in the shadows, and the pillow cases that rip from too much candy. Like most holidays, I enjoy the … More Spooktacular

That Four Letter Word

It’s a four letter word that is the theme of every song, ballad, and movie; Love.  But what does love actually look like?  The dictionary alone has about 20 different definitions ranging from warm fuzzy feelings for someone to intimacy. The bible defines love in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not … More That Four Letter Word

My Tribe

Friends…there’s a reason this show is still popular, and has an eternal spot in the nightly lineup.  What I love about Friends, is that even on the worst of days, this show can bring the brightest of smiles to our faces, and provide a full bellyache of laughs.  At the core, Friends journeys through the ups and … More My Tribe

Turnin’ Blue

The Black Keys rarely get the recognition they deserve, but next to Mumford and Sons, they are probably one of my favorite bands of this decade.  Their bluesy and rock feels intertwine with their hazy voices to create the perfect setting for music to blossom. This just further demonstrates that the Black Keys are unlike … More Turnin’ Blue


Alright superhero fans, gather in!  CW’s show, Arrow, has been my latest obsession.  Not only does it fully encapsulate a series of masked heroes, but it fuels an action junky’s addiction.  The show is full of many twists and turns, but seems to be looping around a Batman-esk story, with some unique  attributes.  Nevertheless, Arrow … More Arrow

Give Yourself a Pat

We live in a culture and society where criticism floods the streets and rattles the windows.  Criticism, by definition, is the disapproval of someone, or something, based on perceived faults.  But criticism has slowly allowed our culture to accept judging as the latest fashion trend.  I’d like to think otherwise. Why is it that we … More Give Yourself a Pat