Hello Again

Adele’s new hit sensation, “Hello”, smashed the previous record, held by Taylor Swift, for most internet views for a new music video.  We haven’t heard from Adele in nearly four years, but her latest come back reveals a new and improved version of herself leaving us all gripping the edge of our seats asking for more.  Seriously, I’m obsessed with her latest … More Hello Again

Turnin’ Blue

The Black Keys rarely get the recognition they deserve, but next to Mumford and Sons, they are probably one of my favorite bands of this decade.  Their bluesy and rock feels intertwine with their hazy voices to create the perfect setting for music to blossom. This just further demonstrates that the Black Keys are unlike … More Turnin’ Blue


Alright superhero fans, gather in!  CW’s show, Arrow, has been my latest obsession.  Not only does it fully encapsulate a series of masked heroes, but it fuels an action junky’s addiction.  The show is full of many twists and turns, but seems to be looping around a Batman-esk story, with some unique  attributes.  Nevertheless, Arrow … More Arrow

Three. Simple. Words.

Three simple words; Avett Brothers rock. Yes, it’s taken me this long to truly listen to the Avett Brothers.  And I am certainly not disappointed.  There is definitely a unique and distinct sound to this group that sets them apart from others.  I don’t need to convince music junkies to the talent that sheds off of … More Three. Simple. Words.

Roll The Bones

Born in Austin,Texas, but slowly sweeping across the country with his infusion of blues and rock is Shakey Graves, also known as Alejandro Rose-Garcia.  Shakey Graves’ first album, released in 2011, Roll The Bones seduced festival groupies with the smokey vocals and pumped up guitar riffs.  Here are some reasons why Shakey Graves will have you running the … More Roll The Bones

Which Direction?

Let’s have the discussion about this “hiatus”.  The boys who rocked the world and stole the hearts of countless girls have announced that they will be taking a “break”.  Avid fans are plagued with the gut wrenching reality that the ultimate love serenaders may be setting down the roses and hanging up their guitars.  Why … More Which Direction?

How Would You Live?

I did a little two year throwback this past week.  With the recent casting of Tom as The Amazing Spider-Man’s  Peter Parker, I decided to do some research on his previous movies. Naturally, I stumbled across How I Live Now.  It wasn’t just Tom Holland and Saoirse Ronan I was impressed by, but the entire question that the … More How Would You Live?