Hello Again

Adele’s new hit sensation, “Hello”, smashed the previous record, held by Taylor Swift, for most internet views for a new music video.  We haven’t heard from Adele in nearly four years, but her latest come back reveals a new and improved
12135454_1049266785083456_1214133741_n(1) version of herself leaving us all gripping the edge of our seats asking for more.  Seriously, I’m obsessed with her latest single.

  1. Deeply Emotional: The moment Adele opens her mouth to say Hello, we are instantly reminded of her first hit, “Rolling in The Deep”, and the intense passion with which she sings with.  There’s a richness that reverberates off of her initial tones that’s both sorrowful as well as powerful
  2. Truthful Tale: There’s a few parties out there debating whether or not this song is about a previous lover of Adele’s or her trying to reconnect with herself.  No matter which way you argue it from, Adele matches her strong vocals to the insanely truthful lyrics.  The lyrics are honest and gut wrenching; relatable to almost anyone.
  3. Growth: Adele is clearly owning up to something in the song.  Whether it be breaking her own heart or another’s, she’s matured and wants to own up to it; to find closure so she can heal and move on.  This comes with maturity and strength, allowing yourself to be both vulnerable and honest with yourself and others.
  4. 12142216_156827958004202_695640447_nStrength: Speaking of strength.  Dang.  Adele can seriously belt it out.  She hits those high notes and rails them to the wall.  Even her range in this song makes her strong, starting on a deep somber low note and then escalating to a full almost tremolo-like higher note during the core meat of the song.
  5. 25:   Demonstrating from the preview, we should expect BIG things from Adele’s new album “25”.  I’m sensing some sincere emotional exploration as well as pain and healing.   Get excited, Adele’s about to knock our socks off!

Adele is back, and she is bringing her ‘A’ game!  Her album “25” will be released November 20th, to which will be expecting her to break more of those internet records!

Check out “Hello”

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