An Introvert’s Jam

I12142222_185555491778848_618185944_nf you don’t know who Alessia Cara is, you should.  This girl is only 19 and just got her first hit single, “Here”, which is already on the Billboard’s Top 100.  But this song is way more than a Billboard number; it speaks to all the introverts and wallflowers out there. Here are some things that make this song a hit.

  1. Honest: “But really I would rather be at home all by myself, Not in this room with people who don’t even care about my well being”. I can help but suppress a smile for this particular line.  It’s raw and real, speaking to the true introvert’s feeling in a situation where theres nothing but small talk.
  2. Contemporary R&B: Cara excels at the Bluesy approach to slam poetry.  She manages to create a rhythmic flow and mix in her bluesy voice; creating the same smokey scene she sings about. Don’t forget to listen to that piano harmony, in the background, classic blues.
  3. 11251390_1498146077173032_122417011_nInner Indie: “And I’m standin’ by the TV with my beanie low, Yo I’ll be over here”.  She’s not afraid to do her own thing, she’d rather be on her own than with people who don’t get her.  Hopefully this sparks a movement of people who aren’t afraid to do their own thing, rather than conform.
  4. Bold: It takes guts to be blunt and honest in a song, to say the things few are willing to say, and to do so at such a young age with so much passion. Beanies off to her, because we could all use a dose of her boldness.
  5. Soulful: This song is drenched in passion and personality. Cara sings from the heart on this one, affirming that those who aren’t partiers aren’t on a completely random wave length.

This girl is off to a great start and is bound to do incredible things with her inspiring lyrics and powerful voice.  Check out her music video for “Here”.

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