My Tribe

Friends…there’s a reason this show is still popular, and has an eternal spot in the nightly lineup.  What I love about Friends, is that even on the worst of days, this show can bring the brightest of smiles to our faces, and provide a full bellyache of laughs.  At the core, Friends journeys through the
pinky-swear-329329_1280ups and downs of relationships and the essence of true acceptance for one another. They’re a tribe.

A tribe can be defined as a group of people who share similar beliefs or interests. There’s something insanely surreal about finding others who connect with you on a deeper level. We all need this.  We all need a tribe of people who not only accept us but celebrate us, because they truly understand the essence of who we are.

This is not to say that you can only be friends with those are exact replicas or walking clones of yourself.  I actually find this to be counterproductive.  I do, however, find it incredibly special to have a variety of friends in your tribe who bring many different traits to the table.  It’s good to have an overlap of similarities, but also the presentation of new character traits, because thats where we can grown and learn from our friends and ourselves.

A true friend accepts you, flaws and all.  But an even truer friend sticks around when things go sour, when your deepest insecurities surface, or when you’re lost.  The truest tribe members help you to become a better version of yourself.

girl-948250_1920False tribe members are those who steal from your cup, slowly adding to theirs without any consideration for yours.  Trust and honesty are the roots of the deepest friendship. Trust in regards to their intentions and honest about their motivations.  But selflessness, above all, is the key ingredient to the purest of friendships. Give yourself to others and the gift will be returned.

No one said life would be void of conflict.  No one said life would be void of confusion.  Friends are here to help you meander through it.  The key is finding those who add to your cup rather than take from it.  Those who seek to be better versions of themselves in pursuit of finding people after the same goal.

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