What The Martian Says About Our World

If you haven’t seen this movie already, then grab your 3D glasses and head on out to the nearest theatre. I’m expecting The Martian to win some serious awards this year.  Matt Damon killed the role of the stranded astronaut on Mars.  But what I truly loved about this movie is how inspirational it is.11939358_925904454160310_832970521_n

  1. Hope: Stranded on Mars with no source of food, and little protection from the dangers of space, Mark Watney decides to not give up.  With all odds against him, constantly, he manages to create a food source, continual protection, and forge a plan for getting home.
  2. Unity: Literally, the entire world comes together to bring Mark home.  Countries set aside their differences to save a man who is stranded.  This is absolutely inspirational in that we place value on human life, and all that we will do to preserve it.
  3. Comedy: This movie would not be complete without the occasional bits of comedy, which are perfectly placed even amidst the most action packed scenes.  This too helps us to see that when faced with the most dangerous of scenarios, we can still find a way to laugh.11875376_735771956528096_1793044792_n
  4. Realistic: While some situations might seem a tad outlandish, this movie seems to be very realistic, which you physics nuts out there will appreciate.  It goes to show the lengths that the human brain will go to in order to persevere.
  5. NASA: Not too far off from other space movies that have been released as of recent, such as Interstellar,The Martian,seems to present some new ideas that NASA and the world might be exploring.  New colonies on Mars, new space craft/travel, new sources of energy… either way this movie excites those who are curious about the opportunities that lay in space.

Seriously stellar acting by Matt Damon and many others, accompanied by beautiful filmography and graphics. But I think this movie reveals a lot about our world and what we will do for one another as well as the human race.

Check out the trailer.

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