Turnin’ Blue

The Black Keys rarely get the recognition they deserve, but next to Mumford and Sons, they are probably one of my favorite bands of this decade.  Their bluesy and rock feels intertwine with their hazy voices to create the perfect setting for music to blossom. This just further demonstrates that the Black Keys are unlike any band out there:

  1. New Albums=New Vibes: With three hit albums out, 
    11376224_1060066317355945_1058292628_nBrothers, El Camino, 
    and now, Turn Blue, there is no album that sounds like another.  We do however, hear similar undercurrents in each that trail back to their bluesy sounds.
  2. Don’t stop the Duo:
    Just look at these guys, they are total goobers, and we love them for it! They appeal to the inner goofballs in all of us.  They know how to take life seriously, and when to let loose.  The best part of all is, there’s only two of them.  They’re able to master what an entire band seeks to do with only four hands and two voices.
  3. Catchy: It’s not just lyrics that are catchy here, but rather their rhythms.  Their lyrics are raw and real, but their rhythms are what stretch back to classic rock and highlight the need for good beats.  These guys have managed to master a good build.
  4. Any Season: I’m a believer that music is best associated with seasons, but some of the best bands go with
    924152_788798894534786_217486368_nanytime of year, day, or period of life.  The Black Keys emulate this.  Turn Blue is great for the spring, but Brothers screams fall, and El Camino seems good on a sticky summer day. Waitin’ for that winter feel still.
  5. Infusion:The Black Keys succeed at infusing a new individual rock feel with the old rock we remember from Fleetwood Mac or even R.E.M.  They still seem to stick solidly in the indie rock feel of today though, despite their obvious roots.

These guys will always draw a crowd, and continue to excite me with their new music.  They’re living proof of perseverance as a band and the success that comes to those who are passionate about their work.

Check out their latest album!

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