Alright superhero fans, gather in!  CW’s show, Arrow, has been my latest obsession.  Not only does it fully encapsulate a series of masked heroes, but it fuels an action junky’s addiction.  The show is full of many twists and turns, but seems to be looping around a Batman-esk story, with some unique  attributes.  Nevertheless, Arrow presents an interesting future for television series.

  1. Nonstop action:  The show is consistent in satisfying action lovers.  There is rarely a moment for you to catch your breath before you are sent on another rollercoaster of emotions and anxieties.  Like Mr. Incredible says:
  2. Powerful roles:  What I love most about this show, is the intense investment into each and every individual character, no one is left out.  Everyone’s back story is highlighted, and their personalities are brought to the table.  Oliver Queen (Arrow) may be the main character, but fans will find themselves easily associating with many of the others.
  3. No Damsels in Distress: Finally, women with brains and now combat skills right off the bat.  The female leads in this show are some of the main contributing forces to stopping the violence and crime in Starling City.  Whether it’s through Law Enforcement or IT help, they definitely pull their weight.
  4. 12063224_640851519351300_1753945399_nOverlap: It looks like CW is hoping to do some interesting overlap, similar to that of Vampire Diaries and the Originals, except with The Arrow and The Flash.  This makes me think of Sony’s plan for The Avengers, but now we’ll be able to enjoy it every week.
  5. Heroes:  The show mixes all types of heroes; military, cops, special forces, undercover agents, criminals turned good, vigilantes, masked superheroes, and those who work behind the scenes.

The Arrow is meant to give the people of Starling City hope, the essence of heroism?  This show captures the ins and outs of an everyday hero, and gives us Marvel, DC Comics, and Justice League fans something to look forward to each week.

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