Roll The Bones

10518127_343617072503306_1945592227_nBorn in Austin,Texas, but slowly sweeping across the country with his infusion of blues and rock is Shakey Graves, also known as Alejandro Rose-Garcia.  Shakey Graves’ first album, released
in 2011, Roll The Bones seduced festival groupies with the smokey vocals and pumped up guitar riffs.  Here are some reasons why Shakey Graves will have you running the track over and over:

  1. One Man Band:  No he’s no Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins with his all perplexing musical contraption, but rarely do we see so much talent locked up in one being.  This will give the Black Keys a run for their money.
  2. Swirling: The combination of lyrics and guitar picking, gives a swirling effect like a painter mixing colors in a palate.  It’ll leave you closing your eyes, and tapping your foot to the beat.
  3. Lyrical: The lyrics speak the truth, and do so in a relaxed bluesy setting.  Roll The Bones speaks of letting free, rolling the bones like dice and taking a chance in life.
  4. 1208414_1404607866536648_1446148326_nMumford Lovers: Yes, you lovers of the gentlemen.  You’ll love the smooth blending of rock and folk.  Other avid listeners of The Civil Wars, Barr Brothers, or Black Keys will find themselves gravitating towards the stylings of Shakey Graves.
  5. Fun Fact: Remember Friday Night Lights, when Julie had her momentary lapse of judgment and went after the Swede?  Shakey Graves is the Swede, except instead of posing as a lifeguard, now he’s a real-life musician.

Shakey Graves has clearly mastered the art of the raspy voice, finding a balance between resonance and coarseness.  Check him out on Audiotree.

Listen here for the new album.

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