Which Direction?

Let’s have the discussion about this “hiatus”.  The boys who rocked the world and stole the hearts of countless girls have announced that they will be taking a “break”.  Avid fans are plagued with the gut wrenching reality that the ultimate love serenaders may be setting down the roses and hanging up their guitars.  Why is this so confusing?12142394_1027104050644326_1468801163_n(1)

  1. Since the announcement, they have not just released one, but two new songs for their album, A.M.  Could this be their last hoorah before they call it quits or are they giving us a subtle taste of whats to come after this brief pause?
  2. Are they dropping like flies now?  First Zayne leaves, for reasons that have still yet to be verified.  Then Louis is revealed to be an expectant father…making him less available, right?  Who knows, maybe the loss of the UK member and the addition of baby 1D will give the boys more inspiration.
  3. Liam’s announcement of joining the country scene.  Wait…what?!  Now Taylor Swift won’t be the only genre jumper.  But how confusing is it that a British pop star wants to tailor his voice to the twang of American country music.

So where does this leave us?  Completely and utterly confused  None can forget the heart shattering breakup of the Beatles, but are we ready for another iconic British band to breakup.  Something tells me this is all a ploy to string us on for more!

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