What We Can Learn From Pixar

10808743_1648661658712473_1535056321_nI’ve always been a sucker for Disney Pixar films.  But Disney has started to evolve over the past few years, taking a more scenic route which involves portraying important messages and values.  Their latest film, Inside Out, grapples with emotions.

Riley, the human of the film, is given five emotions that govern and dictate her actions in everyday life.

The beauty in this film is not just the ingenious humor and witty banter between the emotions, but that each and every emotion is needed in order for balance, even sadness.

Things to take away from Pixar:

  1. Emotions are good:Emotions aren’t just good, they’re necessary.  We often associate emotions, or thinking emotionally as being weak or irrational, when in fact some of our best decisions are rooted in feelings.
  2. It’s okay to Feel Sad:One of the best things about this film is the emphasis on needing all emotions.  Disney taught us how to let it go in Frozen, but now they’re teaching us how.  And we learn just that.11327430_979497718748033_1116634350_n
  3. Balance:  Balance is necessary throughout the film, and once there is an in balance within the emotions, Riley is affected negatively.  Each emotion is important and needs to be heard at the right time.
  4. Growth Comes in Various Forms:Growth isn’t always seen in positive experiences. Life brings us ups and downs, and we are challenged with creating solutions that fit our psych.  The key is being in tune to life battles and preparing the appropriate emotions and reactions to conquer it.

In the end Pixar hit the needle in the haystack, and isn’t afraid to teach us important values.  Pixar will continue to be innovative in their creative filmography.


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